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Menendez Flip Flops - Redish Tan


Alligator embossed Flip Flops

This style is cowhide embossed to resemble alligator

Foot bed: The leather foot beds is Cowhide that is hand dyed redish tan color to add to a long lasting life of the flip flops. Also, I use an EVA that is durable yet comfortable under the foot bed.


Bottom Soles: Are made from recycled tires.


Straps: Leather straps are designed to hug your foot and under the strap where your foot touch is lined with an EVA. It is pleasing to the touch.


Sewing and Gluing: The straps are sewn together and the foot bed is glued and sewn together for years of enjoyment.


Color:  The Leather is redish tan with a black EVA under the strap. The bottoms are black

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