St George
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St George

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St George Leather Flip flops


St George Flip Flops
Named after St George Street in the historic district for St Augustine, Florida. The city of St Augustine was established in 1565


Foot bed: These leather foot beds is Cowhide that is treated and dyed with oils and waxes to give a long lasting life to the flip flops. Also, I use  an EVA that is durable yet comfortable under the foot bed.


Bottom Soles: Are made from recycled tires.


Straps: Leather straps are designed to hug your foot and under the strap where your foot will touch is lined with an EVA. It is pleasing to the touch.


Sewing and Gluing: The straps are sewn together and the foot bed is glued and sewn together for years of enjoyment.


Color:  The Leather is Tan with a brown EVA under the strap. The bottoms are black



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